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Title: About

Jill was born in the UK at a northern seaside town and since then has lived a lot of her life in Leeds. She has travelled the world and worked and lived in Spain, Australia and for the longest time in New Zealand as her husband is a Kiwi.

Back in Yorkshire, Jill is now living in a small mill town and draws her influence from the nearby moors, the Yorkshire Dales and from the shores and volcanoes of New Zealand.

Designing quality gold and silver jewellery collections since 2005, Jill began her jewellery venture 25 years ago by designing and making bead jewellery.

Moonbeam designed jewellery is sketched then each individual piece is handcrafted in sterling silver using a variety of traditional techniques.

Jill also has 2 sister businesses, Mini-moonbeams (website coming soon) which is fingerprint jewellery and decorations made from precious metal clay (the end product is fine silver). To find out more about this, please click here to contact Jill.  and Harmony Pilates, to find out more about this, please visit the Harmony Pilates website.

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